Extech brand

While being significantly smaller than companies such as Fluke, the Extech and especially Extech instruments is a well-known brand focusing not only on measuring devices. Although this category can be considered their main focus. The company is more than 45 years on the market as it was established in 1971. Its single-source strategy is focused on tools that help prevent, identify and troubleshoot problems in a plethora of applications.

Extech has to offer numerous selections of test equipment (and accessories) for every application and budget. Extech continues to develop and launch innovative new meters that are known for convenient, multi-functional capabilities. In addition, Extech developed devices which can be integrated with mobile devices and innovative iOS and Android apps for use with a number of meters.

Some of the other types of products the company focuses on are for example Humidity and moisture meters, tachometers, sound meters, testers, dataloggers, detectors, borescopes, and calibrators.

The company Extech was purchased in 2007 by another well-known brand FLIR (Which products are also featured here on Measuritec). The other division of Extech - Extech Data Systems was sold by FLIR in 2009.