Megger develops and manufactures portable electrical equipment. Megger products help you increase efficiency, reduce costs and extend the life of electrical appliances.

Understanding every aspect of the electricity network, from generation and transmission to distribution and consumption, is what it takes to Megger be recognized as a world leader.

The company was founded in the late 19th century. For decades, it has been designing and manufacturing test and measuring instruments that perform electrical measurements for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and pre-commissioning measurements. Megger products have supported customers around the world to improve the efficiency of their equipment, reduce costs, extend instrument life, monitor and analyze, predict equipment failure and future performance. It now has local offices in many locations with technical support teams and distributors around the world. Production plants are located in Germany, Sweden, Great Britain and the USA.

Manufacturing insulation testers is where Megger started, and the Megger brand name is so well known today that some maintenance professionals incorrectly use it as a verb when they refer to doing an insulation test. The Dover, England site manufactures hand-held test equipment as well as larger insulation testers, oil test equipment and low resistance ohmmeters.

Megger products and services solve challenging measurement applications across the Energy Supply Industry and share four key characteristics: Safety, Accuracy and reliability, Intuitive operation, Rugged design and construction.