PeakTech is a german company from Hamburg focused on different ranges of products, especially electronic measuring devices. The company was founded in 1957.

PeakTech has been an international partner for crafts, industry, retailers and distributors in the field of portable and stationary measuring instruments for more than 50 years. The range of products under the brand PeakTech ® includes measuring instruments for electronic sizes, environmental measurement technology, power supplies and generators. PeakTech meters are used worldwide in installation, maintenance, service, laboratory equipment, energy supply, building technology and quality control. The customers and users appreciate their fair price-performance ratio and comprehensive service. PeakTech are constantly working on product innovations, taking  technical innovations into account in order to offer our customers a broad and up-to-date product range.

All PeakTech devices are delivered calibrated directly at the factory. This means that the accuracy of the measured value display of each function (measuring devices) is checked, compared and approved with the specified tolerances. Only flawless devices are approved for sale.

Measuring devices can lose accuracy due to daily use, transport and changing environmental conditions. Re-calibration after one year is therefore recommended.